The shipyard get founded in 1985 in Tuzla, Turkey, by the owner Dr. Orhan Celikkol due on his passion of water sport and Yachts.

While in the beginning the focus of the production was on up to 10m sailing boats, the requests came also more and more to the world of Motorboats and Yachts. Due to the fact that since from the beginning we worked with Composite construction (Orhan is the Pioneer on that field and built nearly all of his yachts with that material since 1985), the world of performing yachts get entered as the light weight construction was a big advantage.

Dr. Orhan Celikkol decided in 2000 to move the factory from North Turkey to the Turkish Riviera, to Antalya, where the possibilities of getting enough space for further growing was given and started there the new Centaurian Series as well.

In 2001 Egon Faiss joined Dr. Orhan Celikkol and took over the responsibility of the sales and marketing part while Orhan could concentrated from now on to the design and construction. The company NEDSHIPGROUP got founded and the shipyard, the design department and all other activities and facilities got collected under one umbrella from now.

NED SHIP is standing for Notika, Engeneering and Development.

In the past, NEDSHIP built many yachts as sub-contractor for several well-known brands on the market. Some of these yachts were nominated for various awards and also won awards. In 2008, when the financial crises brought a big impact to the entire yacht market, also NEDSHIP needed to do some reorganizations and decided, to create beside B2B our own series and new inventions.

One of these are the extensive R&D on the e-propulsion market, where in 2014 the first 19m solar powered Catamaran get successful launched. Beside the exciting large Super Yachts, NEDSHIP will bring now also e-cats on the market in various sizes as we strongly believe that this technology will be one major step forward in our industry.

Owners are welcome for any kind of projects, either as B2B, one-offs or as clients for our new upcoming series.